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Patrick Dawes Born in 1970, Patrick Dawes works as a percussionist and music producer on a wide array of projects.

Patrick studied kit drums from the age of eight and later percussion and has been working professionally since 1993. He initially played in clubs as a percussionist alongside dj's. It involved long, joyful sessions of raw and energetic drumming throughout the night before driving home at sunrise. This included playing at the Ministry of Sound in their early days both at their London club and on a tour of China in 1997.

In 1995, Patrick met up with bass player and producer Jake Wherry who had recently formed 'The Herbaliser' with Ollie Teeba. He went on to record and perform live with them until late 1999.

Patrick Dawes in Patrick and Eugene In 2000 Patrick started a nine year stint touring extensively as the percussionist for UK dance band 'Groove Armada'.

The following year he released his first self-produced percussion record 'Circus Train' on Tummy Touch Records. He later formed and produced quirky jazz-pop act 'Patrick & Eugene' with Eugene Bezodis and released further albums on 'Tummy Touch' - 'Postcard from Summerisle' (2004), 'Everything and Everyone' (2008) and US only compilation release 'Altogether Now' (2010). Paul Heaton selected 'Postcard from Summerisle' as his Buried Treasure in the July 2006 edition of Mojo magazine.

Patrick Dawes with Richie Havens In 2003 Patrick started doing live shows with legendary singer-songwriter Richie Havens. They performed in the UK and Europe including WOMAD in 2005. He also recorded with him on his 2004 release 'Grace of the Sun'.

2010 saw a return to his roots as a more experimental and improvisational percussionist. Patrick joined forces with Lascelles Gordon and Paul May to form the drum & percussion trio "Woven Entity'. They have performed a number of improvised gigs in London with guest musicians including Peter Marsh, Alan Wilkinson, Chris Williams and Ben Cowen. They have recorded two records that will be available in 2013.

2012 saw the release of 'Happy-Go-Lucky' by 'The Steamboat Cabaret'. It is the stylistic follow up to 'Patrick & Eugene' and features original songs influenced by 20's jazz and vaudeville with Samantha Eames and Toby Nowell. In addition to Samantha and Patrick, vocals on this project are also provided by French singer-songwriter Marc Gauvin. Samantha plays Banjo, Ukelele, Bass and Melodica. Toby Nowell provides all the horns, both the playing of and the arrangements.

2013 will see the release of Patrick's long awaited second record 'Raising Stone'. It is a collaborative record featuring the renowned improvisational vocalist Maggie Nicols, 'Acoustic Ladyland' saxophonist Pete Wareham, 'Circulus' early music musician William Summers, guitarist Cliff Pilson and electronics wizard Tim Lee. Also features further collaborations with singer-songwriter Marc Gauvin and horn player Toby Nowell.


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